Public Engagement

Public Engagement

Since the inception of the Wellcome Trust on 25 July 1936, it has worked with many of the world's brightest and best researchers to improve human and animal health. During 2011 the Trust celebrated its 75th anniversary and Wellcome research units were asked how they might bring their current research to local people.

The Centre was pleased to receive a small grant of £5000 to extend our public engagement, but when the Liverpool Centre undertakes local engagement, their definition of ‘local’ is a little different to that of other UK research labs. We wanted people in Liverpool to know and value what we do, but we also want to reach out to the countries where the illnesses we work on are affecting people – notably Malawi. 


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Our project worked collaboratively with the Public Engagement Team at the Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Programme and:

  • produced lesson plans for secondary schools in two countries about malaria
  • organised school visits to the World Museum in Liverpool
  • produced a 30-minute film led by the students themselves, recording what students did and their reactions
  • held a celebration evening at the Museum to present the project’s achievements and facilitate a discussion with school children and researchers

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Previous public engagement events

7th-8th June 2013 - The Centre took part in the University of Liverpool's Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease Impact Day - Meet The Scientists at World Museum, Liverpool City Centre. We encouraged chidlren and secondary school students to learn about malaria using interactive learning materials and crafts. See below for the results of our make-a mosquito crafts stand!


26th June 2013 - The Centre took part in Big Bang North West, the region’s largest celebration of Science, Technology and Maths (STEM). Photos of our stand designed to teach students about malaria are below!


21st November 2015 - the new Liverpool Glasgow Centre for Global Health research took part in a Meet The Scientists event, arranged by the University of Liverpool, at World Museum Liverpool. Children and adults had the opportunity to get close to live mosquitoes and learn about the University and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine's research into the disease. We are grateful to our colleagues Adriana and Nelson from LSTM for joining us and bringing along the mosquitoes and much knowledge. See below for photos from the day!




Public Engagement from supported projects

CAPS study

Take a look at the progress of the Cooking and Pneumonia Study, currently taking place in Malawi: